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Hammajang Luck

Makana's enemies-to-lovers "lesbian space heist" debut.

Hammajang Luck

Edie is done with crime.

Eight years in prison changes a person. Particularly when you're only there because your partner, your best friend, your all-but-sister, sold you down the river.

Even getting Edie out on early parole doesn't earn Angel any forgiveness. That's why Edie knows they'll turn down Angel's offer of a job. One last, big score. A chance to take down the man who put them there:Joyce Atlas.

But Edie's lost too much time with their family. A heavily pregnant sister, a seriously ill niece, and a nephew who wasn't born before they went to prison. There's not a question. Edie's going straight. Or trying to - but Atlas has had them blacklisted from every employer on the station.

Edie really doesn't want to work with Angel. It's far too complicated, they're far too angry, and Angel is bringing up a lot of confusing feelings. But they don't have any other choice . . .

And if they pull it off, the 1.25 billion payout might just soothe some old wounds.

"Betray me, and I'll ruin your life."
"You've done it once already."
"And I won't hesitate to do it again."

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