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Hammajang Luck

Makana's enemies-to-lovers "lesbian space heist" debut.

Hammajang Luck

An ex-con is recruited for one last job by their ex-partner-in-crime, the one who betrayed them and sent them to prison in the first place, in this explosive cyberpunk thriller...

Edie is done with crime. Eight years behind bars changes a person - costs them too much time with too many of the people who need them most.

And it's all Angel's fault. She sold Edie out in what should have been the greatest moment of their lives. Instead, Edie was shipped off to the icy prison planet spinning far below the soaring skybridges and neon catacombs of Kepler space station - of home - to spend the best part of a decade alone.

But then a chance for early parole appears out of nowhere and Edie steps into the pallid sunlight to find none other than Angel waiting - and she has an offer.

One last job. One last deal. One last target. The trillionaire tech mogul they failed to bring down last time.

There's just one thing Edie needs to do. Trust Angel again.

Hammajang Luck is a trail-blazing debut about being forced to find a new home and striving to build a better one - unmissable for fans of Gideon the Ninth by Tamsyn Muir and Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo.

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